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The Mystery of Me: Chpt 5
Last Time On TMOM:
Seconds at breakfast, dressing up, a tomboy princess, strange insult-tossing pokemon, and a curse.  
Quote: “You would pick the cursed outfit.”
Chapter Five: Competition
They can never win
But they sure can try
Ooooh, I’m unbeatable.
-David Kos Rolfe
It was hard to miss how everyone was looking at him. It was definitely significantly more gawking than before. Ash pulled his hat down lower over his eyes, hoping to trick himself with the old mantra that if he couldn’t see them, they couldn't see him. The walk to the battle stadium was far longer than he remembered it being. If not for Pikachu’s grumbling complaints distracting him, Ash might have been truly miserable.
Pikachu couldn’t walk straight with the booties on his feet. And the jester hat kept falling into his eyes. Ash had to carry his companion on his shoulder or Pikachu would surely have fallen down a step or walked into a wal
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 4
The Blind Alley: Chpt 22
 AN:// I can’t leave Gary like that! Welcome to the next chapter.
Last Time On TBA:
A tearful goodbye, ransom exchanged, explosions, a third bullet and a broken heart.
Quote: “You said it yourself. The only flying pokemon you’re getting on is the one with Ash.”
 Chapter Twenty Two: Chase
 I'd already had a sip
So I'd reasoned I was drunk enough to deal with it
You were on the other side, like always
You could never make you mine
-Florence + The Machine
 “It’s over,” Gary said, breaking his heart so she didn’t have to do it for him. She was looking into his face with glassy eyes, that heart-breaking seafoam green that he fell so hard for. But he couldn’t look at her without losing his nerve. So he stared down at her glass of water, shimmering in the low candlelight.
 The restaurant was dark, full of lush expensive furnishings, with all the ambiance meant to encourage romance. And s
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 1 15
Ashes: Chpt 9
Last Time on Ashes:
Mist and Phoon, haunting prophecy, healer in the woods, and a deal.
Quote: “If I go back, I will never be able to get out again.”
 Chapter Nine: Return
 I know it's everybody sin
You’ve got to lose to know how to win
Satoshi stood an unnecessarily long time outside the door watching the rain drip down between the trees. It wasn’t that he was afraid to go inside, per say. He was still caught up thick in the promise he had made with the mysterious man who had deposited him here. The last thing the prince wanted was to return to his prison of a castle. Not after all he had done to escape it. Even his harrowing experience in the woods wasn’t enough to shake any sort of appreciation into him of the walls he had been raised up behind.
Beyond this door was just the healer’s hut. But after that, he would have a decision to make. Either to return to his gilded cage and trust that the mystic would i
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 4 4
The Mystery of Me: Chpt 4
AN:// It was actually brought to my attention recently that I’ve been using the Japanese version of the movie as my source with names and with the mention of “wave” instead of “aura”. In the Japanese movie, the Guardian of Aura is called the Hero of Wave. I actually didn’t realize I was doing this- having watched both versions. I apologize for any confusion this caused. I will probably still use the Japanese version in reference to “wave” energy. But I hope this clears up any confusion people might have had.
Last Time On TMOM:
Pokemon stadiums, Ash’s pidgeot, crashed hot air balloons and a thinly veiled threat.
Quote: “So mum’s the word on the whole… license suspension so you can play trainer for a few hours. And you won’t warn everyone that you invited a bunch of pokemon thieves to the party. I have to say, Ash, this goes south? You stand to lose a lot more than we do.”
Chapter Four
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 1 6
The Mystery of Me: Chpt 3
Last Time On TMOM:
Cameron, Fairytales, Sunstroke and a King.
Quote: “Tonight you’ll stay in the palace, and tomorrow you’ll fight in our annual pokemon competition. No pressure meant, but I’m going to put my money on you.”
Chapter Three: Complications
I think you hide
And you don't have to tell me why
You cry a little, so do I, so do I
-Florence + The Machine
Ash followed behind Sonia in a daze. Pikachu was in his arms, dozing after the large satisfying dinner. Both were exhausted from the day’s events. But Ash was more bothered than tired by his seemingly unconscious manner of running into the King of Cameron Castle. In his own defense, Roman had dressed the plainest of his citizens. There was no way that Ash could have known of Roman’s importance.
To Ash, Roman was just your friendly old village storyteller. He didn’t fit so neatly into the stereotypes of a King like say King Arthur. For one, Roman was older than A
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 2 16
Even if the sky does fall
Even if they take it all
There's no pain that I won't go through
Even if I have to die for you.
Her hair was still the same fiery red even through the badly creased and sun bleached kodachrome photograph Ash kept in his jacket pocket. It was a few years old now. New on the last day he saw her. Old by badly loved photographs standards. But Ash wouldn’t accept a new photo until he saw her again with his own eyes. That was his goal.
In the few years of his absence, Misty had taken a very active and vocal role as Kanto’s Cerulean City Gym Leader. Though still very young, her sisters’ sudden relinquishing of the gym into her hands had long since been expected. Even by Ash, who had seen how the sisters carelessly ran their gym- and was dreading the day when they’d want Misty back.
Misty took on her new position with both confidence and grace. And when the recent Rocket attacks had reached violent and then deadly levels, Misty
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 9 2
The Blind Alley: Chpt 21
AN:// Because those on my DeviantART poll requested it, I’m starting on another chapter of Blind Alley for this month. Enjoy the two month release of Blind Alley goodness!
Last Time On TBA:
A Johto rendezvous point, smashed pokeballs, old contracts, deadly poison and a traitor.
Quote: “Ash isn’t surviving the exchange, is he?”
Chapter Twenty-One: The Ransom Exchange
Baby, don't you worry
This adventure's heating up
I'll rescue you and if I do, you gotta rescue me.
She had all six laid out neatly in front of her. Misty stared hard at encircling ring of pokeballs with pokemon she didn’t own. She let their silence tell her a story of the young man she lost four years ago. And then lost again, just when she had been able to put her arms around him once more.
The basement of Elm’s laboratories was dark and cold. The lone fluorescent bulb hung above her head cast evil looking shadows along the walls. Misty pulled her pin
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 6 18
DnD: Sticks Messes With Stuff by OneWingedMuse DnD: Sticks Messes With Stuff :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 0 DND: Sticks Versus The Gnome by OneWingedMuse DND: Sticks Versus The Gnome :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 0 DnD: Introducing Sticks by OneWingedMuse DnD: Introducing Sticks :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 6 0 PKMN: Nothing Pg 7 by OneWingedMuse PKMN: Nothing Pg 7 :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 9 1 TBA: Missed by OneWingedMuse TBA: Missed :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 15 1 TBA: Who Is Ash's Father? by OneWingedMuse TBA: Who Is Ash's Father? :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 18 9 TBA: He's Not My Concern by OneWingedMuse TBA: He's Not My Concern :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 14 2 TBA: Fly Fast by OneWingedMuse TBA: Fly Fast :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 14 5
Mature content
The Blind Alley: Chpt 20 :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 20

To my fellow Steven Universe fans, what do you think is the likelihood of a certain Stars Fusion in the future? 

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2 deviants said Unlikely.
1 deviant said Definitely not.


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Next chapter of The Mystery of Me is up! Enjoy!
Loved the Steven Universe Special. Inspired me to write more. Mystery of Me's next chapter could be up sooner than expected. 
Finally getting to watch the Steven Universe Special Wanted! Eeeek!
Chapter 22 for The Blind Alley has been posted! I hope you guys enjoy! Have a great Memorial weekend!
The 9th chapter of Ashes is up! Now I just have till the end of June to get TBA's next chapter up. It's about a quarter written now... time to buckle down. 

Journal History

Mystery of Me Chpt 5 Preview

Journal Entry: Sun May 28, 2017, 7:50 PM
Still a little ways off before I'll finish this one. But I got started on the next part and wanted to share some of it with you guys. Enjoy!

“You know if you were in your pokeball you wouldn’t have to wear a costume,” Ash said aloud, trying to ignore a few trainers who had pulled out their pokedexes to snap a picture of the passing boy. 
This isn’t historically accurate,” Pikachu spat through a mouthful of boot. He hadn’t been able to pry the footwear off, resorting to just sort of pitifully gumming one foot. “Lucario didn’t wear some ridiculous outfit.” 
Pikachu had gestured up at the overhanging tapestry of a Knight and his Lucario. And Ash made the mistake of glancing up just before ducking through the doorway. And suddenly Ash saw what everyone else in the castle had been seeing. Ash stopped dead, gawking up at what could have been a reflection. There was only one man with a Lucario that would be featured so prominently throughout Cameron. 
Hey,” Pikachu released his own foot. “You look just like that Sir… Air guy. I wonder if that’s what the princess meant about cursed.” 
Language, Pikapi!” 
Ash looked down at his chosen outfit and then back up at the woven portraiture. His cheeks felt like they were on fire. 
“I gotta change,” Ash grumbled, turning back up the stairs. Pikachu quickly grabbed his ear, painfully steering him back around. 
No time, Pikapi! You have to go to the opening ceremony!” 
“Pikachu! OW! Let go!” He swat at his pokemon. “I can’t go out like this.” 
You can and you will,” Pikachu snapped. “If I have to go out in a Team Rocket costume reject, you can stand looking like Sir what’s his face.” 
-Mystery of Me: Chpt 5

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こにちは。 私 の 名前 は シャノン です. よろしくお願いします。

My name is Shannon aka. "Turtle" or "Ooshii Kurai" online.

I'm actually not an artist per say (although I had planned to be one at one time). I'm a college graduate- English Major, Creative Writing concentration. I plan to hopefully publish something in the future- preferably in the Young Adult (YA) section.

I just back working as an English Teacher overseas in Japan. It's made me fairly busy so I haven't been able to update as much as I would have liked. My current job as ESL instructor in the states is less demanding but I still don't have the tools to make comics like I used to. I'm working on changing that.

I love comedy and making people laugh. So I use my art skills, or lack there of, to make comics.

I usually update on Mondays or Fridays when I can.

私 は 日本語 が すこし 話します.



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