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The Mystery of Me: Chpt 4
AN:// It was actually brought to my attention recently that I’ve been using the Japanese version of the movie as my source with names and with the mention of “wave” instead of “aura”. In the Japanese movie, the Guardian of Aura is called the Hero of Wave. I actually didn’t realize I was doing this- having watched both versions. I apologize for any confusion this caused. I will probably still use the Japanese version in reference to “wave” energy. But I hope this clears up any confusion people might have had.
Last Time On TMOM:
Pokemon stadiums, Ash’s pidgeot, crashed hot air balloons and a thinly veiled threat.
Quote: “So mum’s the word on the whole… license suspension so you can play trainer for a few hours. And you won’t warn everyone that you invited a bunch of pokemon thieves to the party. I have to say, Ash, this goes south? You stand to lose a lot more than we do.”
Chapter Four
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 1 5
The Mystery of Me: Chpt 3
Last Time On TMOM:
Cameron, Fairytales, Sunstroke and a King.
Quote: “Tonight you’ll stay in the palace, and tomorrow you’ll fight in our annual pokemon competition. No pressure meant, but I’m going to put my money on you.”
Chapter Three: Complications
I think you hide
And you don't have to tell me why
You cry a little, so do I, so do I
-Florence + The Machine
Ash followed behind Sonia in a daze. Pikachu was in his arms, dozing after the large satisfying dinner. Both were exhausted from the day’s events. But Ash was more bothered than tired by his seemingly unconscious manner of running into the King of Cameron Castle. In his own defense, Roman had dressed the plainest of his citizens. There was no way that Ash could have known of Roman’s importance.
To Ash, Roman was just your friendly old village storyteller. He didn’t fit so neatly into the stereotypes of a King like say King Arthur. For one, Roman was older than A
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 2 16
Even if the sky does fall
Even if they take it all
There's no pain that I won't go through
Even if I have to die for you.
Her hair was still the same fiery red even through the badly creased and sun bleached kodachrome photograph Ash kept in his jacket pocket. It was a few years old now. New on the last day he saw her. Old by badly loved photographs standards. But Ash wouldn’t accept a new photo until he saw her again with his own eyes. That was his goal.
In the few years of his absence, Misty had taken a very active and vocal role as Kanto’s Cerulean City Gym Leader. Though still very young, her sisters’ sudden relinquishing of the gym into her hands had long since been expected. Even by Ash, who had seen how the sisters carelessly ran their gym- and was dreading the day when they’d want Misty back.
Misty took on her new position with both confidence and grace. And when the recent Rocket attacks had reached violent and then deadly levels, Misty
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 7 2
The Blind Alley: Chpt 21
AN:// Because those on my DeviantART poll requested it, I’m starting on another chapter of Blind Alley for this month. Enjoy the two month release of Blind Alley goodness!
Last Time On TBA:
A Johto rendezvous point, smashed pokeballs, old contracts, deadly poison and a traitor.
Quote: “Ash isn’t surviving the exchange, is he?”
Chapter Twenty-One: The Ransom Exchange
Baby, don't you worry
This adventure's heating up
I'll rescue you and if I do, you gotta rescue me.
She had all six laid out neatly in front of her. Misty stared hard at encircling ring of pokeballs with pokemon she didn’t own. She let their silence tell her a story of the young man she lost four years ago. And then lost again, just when she had been able to put her arms around him once more.
The basement of Elm’s laboratories was dark and cold. The lone fluorescent bulb hung above her head cast evil looking shadows along the walls. Misty pulled her pin
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 5 10
DnD: Sticks Messes With Stuff :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 0 DND: Sticks Versus The Gnome :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 0 DnD: Introducing Sticks :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 5 0 PKMN: Nothing Pg 7 :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 9 1 TBA: Missed :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 15 1 TBA: Who Is Ash's Father? :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 19 9 TBA: He's Not My Concern :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 13 2 TBA: Fly Fast :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 14 5
Mature content
The Blind Alley: Chpt 20 :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 3 20
Ashes: Chpt 8
Disclaimers: I do not own Pokemon. Maybe now? Nope, still don't.
AN:// I know the majority who read this fanfiction have come to accept that I use the Japanese names for the characters. Never questioned, just accepted it. You guys are awesome. But I do want to offer an explanation to the few who either expressed confusion or annoyance with the name differences. I kinda glossed over why I chose to use the Japanese names in the first chapter. But I know some people were still baffled by my decision to do so (especially since the fanfiction this story was loosely based on used the dubbed names). 
It’s because, at least in the English speaking world, the dub names bring a certain character to mind. Crown Prince Ash brings quite a different character to mind then Crown Prince Satoshi. And with this being an alternate universe, I felt it was important not to reinvent the characters with every chapter. Better to introduce a new character through the Japanese names, ev
:icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 6 10
Mature content
CDV: Chapter 2 Cover :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 13 2
Link Pixel Craft :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 0 0

(In the context of creative works,) should inspiration trump scheduled plans? 

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I guess I am the only one who uses the shoutbox now. D:
Fri Mar 10, 2017, 10:46 AM
Hope you guys who can (and are currently living in the US) have registered to vote!
Thu Oct 13, 2016, 6:59 PM
Hey guys! Feel free to pop into the shoutbox!
Tue Jun 28, 2016, 12:44 AM
So hello from five years in the future and from Japan!
Fri Jun 10, 2016, 6:16 PM
Hey yall! Shouting in my shoutbox to let you guys all know I have core membership again!
Fri Jun 10, 2016, 6:15 PM
Yay for the the message board being back up! Hurray paid account!
Fri Jun 10, 2016, 5:59 PM
Assassin's Creed 3 Review up in my journal!
Sun Nov 25, 2012, 10:53 AM
Hey everyone! Check out the Plushy Knight at!
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If all goes as planned, I should have enough money to buy a decent computer. And in turn, might actually be able to post comics again. The plan is to do all this so I can get a job where I work from home. Wish me luck!
I will be traveling across the US this summer for work. I'm not entirely sure the time period. I will be floating around the west coast around June-July. And I'll be in Florida and the Bahamas in August. 
Hey guys! I just started a new job. This shouldn't slow down writing updates for this month, but I just wanted to give a heads up anyway. 
Posted another sneak peek for The Blind Alley's 21st chapter due this April. Check it out here:…

Journal History

Another TBA Sneak Peek

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 24, 2017, 4:29 PM
Hey all! I'm still hard at work on the 21st chapter of The Blind Alley. But since I know you guys are waiting, I thought I'd share yet another sneak peek with you all. 

This is an exclusive to those following me on DeviantART. Enjoy!

“Let him go,” Gary hissed. 
The man looked from Gary and Giovanni in turn with that simpering smile still on his face. He briefly gestured the gun in Gary’s direction, “You taking orders from kids now, Gio? I hadn’t realized you had been dethroned.” 
“There’s nothing to be dethroned from, Clark. Team Rocket is dead.” 
“Oh, I know. It’s why I left,” He glanced Gary’s way and then Misty’s. “Hey sweetheart. How’s your head.” 
“Fuck you.” 
“Ash missed you. Didn’t you, Ash?” 
Ash said nothing. He wasn’t gagged or restrained in any way that Gary could see. But he remained silent and demure. Only cringing as Clark gripped his throat harder and pushed the gun closer. 
“He missed you,” Clark interpreted, still not releasing his grip. “You’ll be happy to note we took real good care of him. He only cried when it really really hurt, right Ash? Such a big boy.” 
Clark was evidently hurting Ash now; pulling him so close and gripping his bandaged shoulder. Ash winced but couldn’t pull himself free. He almost hung in Clark’s grip, completely at the man’s mercy. 
“Stop it!” Gary snapped before Misty could. The girl was visibly shaking with rage, and it was only a matter of time before she released whatever pokemon she had waiting in its ball. And Gary didn’t want to risk Ash’s safety to a fit of misguided revenge. “Just… let him go. We’ve got what you want.” 
-The Blind Alley: Chapter 21

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こにちは。 私 の 名前 は シャノン です. 二十九さいです. よろしくお願いします。

My name is Shannon aka. "Turtle" or "Ooshii Kurai" online.

I'm actually not an artist per say (although I had planned to be one at one time). I'm a college graduate- English Major, Creative Writing concentration. I plan to hopefully publish something in the future- preferably in the Young Adult (YA) section.

I'm currently working as an English Teacher overseas in Japan. It's made me fairly busy so I haven't been able to update any of my work lately.

I love comedy and making people laugh. So I use my art skills, or lack there of, to make comics.

I usually update on Mondays or Fridays when I can.

私 は 日本語 が すこし 話します.



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